And Then It Was Over: Shoot! Takes its Final Bow.


Ok, so this picture is a metaphor of-sorts. You see, those are beautiful balloons. And we had a wonderful New Year’s. But eventually the balloons floated to the floor. And then the cats ate them.

And it’s with this bit of knowledge that I sadly depart as stewardess of Shoot! The Blog. You know what? We had a great flight. I bothered you six hundred and sixty four times with photography missives. Because photography is awesome, and photographers are too.

And because I have loved this journey SO much, I’ve spent all morning setting up a new blog, that I will write in very much the guise of STB. So come on over! Ignore the ugly design– we’re just getting going.

I don’t know what to call it yet, but there are sure to be peanuts. Please drop me a line here with all your newses and pictures. I look forward to it.

All my love to you, my readers.

Your humble stewardess,


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  1. Not Brooks at 2:41 pm

    This sucks. Yours was one of the very few good photography but not photoblogs out there. I learned a ton from reading you and I’ll be a regular reader of your new blog for sure.

  2. Dave at 2:58 pm

    When I heard the news about the closing of PSC I was afraid your blog would go with it. As previously noted: THIS SUCKS. But I’m very glad you’ll be continuing to blog about photography. I’ll update my bookmark right now.

  3. Micah Walter at 3:02 pm

    Rachel, I am really going to miss Shoot! The Blog. It has been my morning coffee for a while now! Please keep up the great work and witty-ness that I have really come to enjoy day after day! Best of luck… -micah How about “Shoot! The Execs” ?

  4. rachel at 4:24 pm

    great job on the blog, rachel. i too was a daily reader & am sorry to read that shoot the blog will be no more. best of luck with the new blog — will see you there for sure!

  5. jw at 4:39 pm

    Sad to see you go! Your work here was great, and I looked forward to each new entry. I will definitely be following your new blog. Best of luck to you in the future.

  6. lee at 7:56 pm

    i’ve never commented before since i usually read this blog through Google Reader. you’ve brought my attention to many worthy images and artists that i might not have found otherwise in the time that i’ve been viewing. i just want to say “thank you”.

  7. s. at 8:02 pm

    this blog has been wonderful. i read it daily. you’re postings have referenced so much good and interesting photography and photographers. i will no doubt be switching over to the new one.

  8. Ian Aleksander Adams at 8:14 pm

    Rachel, I’ll be updating my reader with your new blog. I was wondering, will the posts from Shoot! be saved anywhere? Archived? It would be a shame to lose a lot of the stuff you collected, I’ve got a few bookmarked and stumbled. Best of luck in the future of course! -Ian

  9. Jordan at 11:22 pm

    I was a huge fan of Shoot! and am deeply upset that it is now gone. Rachel, I am thankful that you will continue to share your talent for writing about photography with intelligence, wit, and charm with us on your new blog. See you there.

  10. David Hobby at 1:31 am

    Dear Rachel- I look at far, far too many blogs in the course of my week. Many of them are company-based blogs, and that is usually not a great thing. Corporate culture and blogging do not necessarily mix. But the PSC folks are a special culture, and you are a wonderful blogger. I have never seen a company-associated blog better than this one, in any industry. You somehow managed to be both a great face for PSC and to nurture a fresh, insightful personal style at the same time. When you have had sufficient time to populate your new blog enough to show new visitors just how surf-worthy your posts are, I will be honored to include you on my blogroll. Yours truly, David Hobby

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