In Case You Haven’t Seen it: Digital Esquire

Look folks– it moves!

From Design42day:

“Celebrating its 75th anniversary, american men’s magazine Esquire comes
with a very special cover. A limited number of copies (100,000 of the
total 720,000 print run) will feature an experimental cover that was
built using electronic ink.
The price, although undisclosed, is prohibitive, and Ford has been
brought in as a ‘sponsor’: A moving car ad appears on the inside cover.
Esquire even had to design a battery (a ‘six-figure investment’) that
was small enough to fit into a magazine and keep things running until
the mags are sold. The batteries will last for 90 days.”

I hate to hate in the face of jaw-dropping technology, but I wish they’d chosen a more interesting graphic. Something with a pretty lady, maybe.

Like you know, Blade Runner:

Thumbnail image for st_bladerunner_f.jpg

Oh Los Angeles, 2019. I can hardly wait for you.

Good thing you shall actually be a reality.

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  1. jcyrai at 4:06 am

    And I’d hate to hate on this as well, but it’s really just running six watch batteries you can probably pick up at Walgreens. However, it is nice that it is E-ink cover in mass production.

  2. Wayne at 1:16 pm

    When they show those classic covers (Ali with arrows in him) in the video you realize that animation is not really necessary. Magazines are already not a wonderful thing for the environment, to suggest the future involves putting batteries in them doesn’t make any sense.

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