Photobooth Phantasm? Call


Boy do I like a photobooth. More than most things. And I’ve been thinking about making a photobooth post for some time now, with a map of where you can find them, but it seemed so out of reach– I mean, where would one get such info?

Well, today this photobooth phantasm turned out to be no mere apparition, my friends. A little google searchitude, and I found

This site has locators for booth across the world, as well as info, image samples, galleries, discussions, projects, blogs…. it’s AMAZING.

Anyway, go there to get all the good stuff, but I did do a little work my own self, and made a google map of NYC photobooths. So I’m not a total waste of space*. Get your 3 bucks and GO!

View Larger Map

*If you live in another city, do not despair. Find your nearest photobooth here.

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  1. Kendal Larson at 4:02 pm

    One of my most interesting moments was going to a photobooth at the Augsburg (then West) Germany main train station. I walked up, placed a few marks into the slot, and posed for my exciting new visa photos. Then I stood there, waiting for those beauties to come out of the slot, and drop into the odd little holder the machines had. I wish I could have shot another photo of myself when out popped a set of photos of a rather attractive brunette. HA! I had to put a couple more marks in to get the shots of me out of the machine – and to this day, I’ve kept that woman’s photos so I could pull them out from time to time and wonder what ever happened. πŸ™‚ Kendal

  2. Scott at 8:24 pm

    Nothing beats a good ol’ photobooth, but I DO like the new-ish imacs, which have a photobooth program built into their mini-cams. (Old red velvet curtain sold separately.) -scott

  3. GeorgeKaplan at 10:16 am

    that Dave Navarro chap from some band who used to be married to your one from all those films used to have one inn his house. Everyone who came in had to have their photo taken. Saw one on eBay for $5k last week.

  4. anonymous at 4:29 pm

    In that first pic, you look like a hot librarian. In the second, you look like the hot blog stewardess you are. I’m sure glad the 90s are long gone. Blog flight attendant just doesn’t do it for me. Good luck with your new blog.

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