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Ok, you probably already know that Vince Laforet is a great photographer. And you probably already know that he’s a PhotoShelter Personal Archive user, and a great friend. But let me introduce you to Vince Laforet, filmmaker.

Vince borrowed the new Canon 5D Mark2 a few weekends ago, and decided that he wanted to try out the video capabilities (1080p) off the camera. But instead of just silly examples of people walking around Union Square, he created a whole narrative, and put the camera through its paces — even taking it up into a helicopter flight over Manhattan.

The result: Well, holy crap. I wouldn’t necessarily say that filmmakers will be giving up their cameras for a DSLR, but they might. And surely, DSLR owners will be looking more and more to shooting video with their still cameras.

When I saw a preview of this video last week (yes, friendship has its benefits), my initial reaction was “why?” But then I started to get it. Vince isn’t suggesting that you go out and make an independent feature with the thing, he’s just showing what the technology can do in a few hours with very little prep, and the answer is, a ton.

Is it a revolution? Too early to tell, but wouldn’t it be cool if the next Steven Spielberg emerged out of the ranks of a photographer?

Keep watching his blog as many interesting things will emerge in the next few weeks….

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  1. Kristiina Wilson at 11:01 am

    I really wish that this film had been created more artfully. The technically capabilities of the Mark II are shown off well (and its failures, such as in low-light situations in my opinion), but the film could have definitely benefitted from a bit more planning and thought. From what I know, some expense went into the making of this thing, and much was reaped from it, so I would have hoped to see a smarter result. A test is a test, I know — but when you’re putting it live for all to see… best to put one’s best filmmaking foot forward.

  2. Allen Murabayashi at 11:04 am

    @kristina, i don’t doubt that a more artful movie could have been made, but then again, vince isn’t a cinematographer. to my knowledge, he’s never produced/filmed a movie. he got the camera on a whim on a friday, and returned it on monday, and had a budget of $5000 — the majority of which was consumed by the helicopter flight (i think). so all in all, i think it was a pretty stellar first effort.

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