PhotoPlus Expo Day 2

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the PhotoShelter booth at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response to our new release, and have signed up a bunch of people on the show floor. The website customization templates have made it very easy for people to set up their websites while we’re talking to them.

If you haven’t seen any pictures yet, here’s a few that we shot live (and displayed with our embeddable gallery function — you can grab this gallery into your blog too by clicking the up-arrow in the lower right corner):

Daryl Lang
from PDN stopped by to see what was up and we told him about our new embeddable galleries, and Super FTP option, and demonstrated it to him while he was interviewing us.

If you missed my last entry, what we did was take a Nikon D3 and WT-4 wireless transmitter that Mark Suban from Nikon Professional Services lent me. I set up the WT-4 to connect to the my PhotoShelter FTP site, and configured it to go straight into a gallery, which I made public in advance. So as I was being interviewed, I took a photo of Daryl (and Grover), that appeared on the screen about 15 seconds later.

This, of course, is a whimsical application, and not really that applicable to most situations, but I can definitely see a commercial shoot where the art director is in a different city reviewing images remotely, and downloading images that he/she is interested in. And once the art director makes the selection, a retoucher could grab the high-res file and start work immediately. A wedding shooter could set up an LCD screen and display images live with a watermark that directs people back to his/her website.

And of course, when it’s all done, I can use the single image embed to have the image spread virally. You’ll notice the little “BUY” icon in the lower right. That’s because I priced the image for Electronic Personal Use — you know, in case Grover’s mom wants to use it as a screen saver.

I haven’t had a lot of time to walk around, but I did get to see a little bit of John Harrington‘s presentation over at the liveBooks site and bumped into founder Michael Costuros and CEO Andy Patrick. And we’ve had a nice stream of liveBooks users asking about how they can integrate their portfolio sites with PhotoShelter like Stacy Bass (who’s birthday is on Halloween!).

My lunch.

I had a nice chat with Dan Heller, with whom I’ve traded some thoughts via email over the years. Other photo folk that stopped by included Dave Einsel, Michael Grecco, Jeff Sedlik (UsePLUS), David Riecks (Controlled Vocabulary), Jim Heiser (Apple), Mike Brice, Louie Palu, Daniel Cox, Andy Biggs, Fiona Aboud, Jeff Spielman, Todd Bissonette, Dan Murdoch, Kim Bova, Peter Koval, Rob White, Carl Santoro, Lawrence Maskin, Ramin Talaie, Chris Sorenson, Veronica Lukasova, Sharon Brooks, James Escher and many more!

Cradoc also provided some great discounts on fotoQuote software, so stop by the booth to pick up a coupon.

See ya tomorrow!

P.S. A lot of people have been asking us how they can quickly transact a sale in PhotoShelter. We put together a quick video to show you the “Instant Sale” feature:

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