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Call us vain, but we subscribe to Google Alerts for our name “PhotoShelter” because we like to know what people are saying about our service. We were very surprised to get an alert entitled “33 Exceptional Logo Rebranding in 2008 For Your Inspiration” from Smashing Apps. Along side such brands as HP, Walmart, Dolby and Cisco was our little PhotoShelter mark so deftly created by Cinco Design out of Portland.We always knew that Kirk James and the gang at Cinco did a killer job rebranding PhotoShelter, but it was really cool to get some external props for the effort. Cinco has maintained design excellence for years with their work with Nike, Microsoft, and hundred other marquee brands. We’re proud to be a part of the family.


Today, Tim Schaar emailed me about a photo project entitled The Inside Light that Cinco is producing to feature local Portland artists. In his own words:

“Shot by Chris Hornbecker and produced by Cinco, we made giant typographical light boxes to flash the words onto the artists.”

“This project is about vision, identity and some of Portland’s killer home spun artist. We created this because of our love of Portland, Identity and the art of Photography.”

I love seeing such great photography coming out of Portland. They have such a fantastic artists community there, and it’s incredible to see how they support one another.


Honey Owens – Surrender


Jona Bechtolt – Fucking Positive


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