2008 Thankful Things

In the spirit of last year’s 2007 Thankful Things, I belatedly decided that more thanks were in order for 2008. No matter how bad things get with the economy, we still have many things to be thankful for. So without further ado, a few things that I’m thankful for.

In a year when we shutdown the PhotoShelter Collection, my staff has continued to show their incredible dedication to the company and the customers. For that, I’m eternally grateful.

The incredible myriad of people that use PhotoShelter. Sometimes we hate you. Mostly, we love you!

My parents for continuing to send those chocolate covered macadamia nuts from home (Hawai’i) that keep us going during the day.

Speaking of Hawai’i, local boy, Barack Obama in the White House.

Devin Harris. NJ Nets are 2 games above .500! OMG! Brook Lopez is a legitimate big man!

A McDonald’s coke with extra ice. And for the former Coca Cola manager for explaining to me why McDonald’s coke tastes to much better than anywhere else (answer: very strict, very frequent quality control tests).

Landmarc Brunch.

Keeping Buster’s out of my building.

Laura’s acupuncture on my ailing back.
Cheri’s massage on my ailing back.
Duggan’s chiropractic work on my ailing back.
Darryl’s training on my ailing back.

Embeddable Slideshows!

Sushi. I hope I don’t kill all the tuna.

Battery Park Cinemas.

The Dog Whisperer, Dexter, Forensic Files, Top Chef, Project Runway. I still think Kenley is a bitch. She needs the Power of the Pack!

The blue pillow I cover my eyes with while I sleep.

All the wonderful photography I was able to view this year.

Josh getting another great show to write for: Lie to Me

Everything in its right place.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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