Photos of President Obama’s Inauguration

It’s no surprise that a number of PhotoShelter users covered the Inauguration of President Barack Obama yesterday in Washington D.C. Like we did after the elections, we thought it would be cool to highlight the diverse work of this momentous occasion.

Recent Eddie Adams Workshop alumna, Melissa Golden, shot this very cool image for Rapport Press.

Rapport also has photo galleries from The Biden Ball, The Commander-in-Chief Ball, The Reaction in Kenya photographed by Zoriah Miller, The Palestinian Reaction photographed by Kate Brooks, and much more!

Paul Morse, one of President Bush’s photographers, had some prime seating at the inauguration.

Stephen Voss has some nighttime set-up images of the stage in addition to Inauguration photos.

Kristoffer Tripplaar got a good one of Obama girls (Sasha is my favorite!). You can see his full gallery here.

With an estimated crowd of 1.8 million or so, there are practical considerations as Ralf-Finn Hestoft can attest.

Chris Maluszynski from The Moment Agency did some candid portraits of on-lookers.

Esteltee Photography captured the celebration in Harlem.

Diode Photo took a more artistic take by photographing his Plasma screen as he watched the moments in history.

Got more inauguration photos? Lemme  know and we’ll add it.


  • Our former blogger extraordinaire, Rachel Hulin, has a cute blog on “Malia and the Purple Camera“. Malia and Sasha! We love you. Comment on my blog!
  • Our friends at the NPPA have an insider story on a remote camera that got the swearing in (the first one, that is) of the President by Chuck Kennedy.
  • If you haven’t seen the Boston Globe‘s Big Picture before, you’re gonna like their coverage of the Inauguration. Check out their other galleries too. 


Swoan Parker has a great set of images. I love the first one.

Todd Bigelow shot Inauguration Day near the US/Mexico Border. An equally compelling first image.

Alan Goldstein was on the Mall capturing the crowd.

Felix Features has a variety of images from their photographers.

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  1. Thomas at 7:01 am

    I love Swoans pictures. I was there at the event in Times Square and I also took pictures but Swoan seems to capture the many bi-polar emotions changing every moment. One woman crying as the one next to her was cheering. Swoan put herself into the moment and you can feel it and see it in each photograph.

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