Racked by Krieger

I am in the blogging mood.

Truth be told, I’m sitting in a Manhattan courthouse fulfilling my civic duty to potentially serve on a jury. So it’s not much about being in the blogging mood as it is about sheer boredom. Last time I was called for jury duty was probably 2000, and the only major difference since then is the free WiFi in the building. Hooray!

What hasn’t changed:
– Diane Sawyer intro to jury duty video: check
– Comfortable looking, but ergonomically bad chairs: check
– The motley looking crew of my peers on the coldest day of the year: check

But I digress.

It’s times like these where you find yourself looking at stuff you don’t normally look at, and since those adult sites are blocked at the courthouse (I kid, I kid), I found myself perusing racked.com, which is part of a conglomerate of sites that report on different aspects of city life. Racked is a blog about shopping and fashion, but they’ve also tapped a photographer with whom I wasn’t familiar to do an on-going series of portraits on the street.

Daniel Krieger, who isn’t Daniel S. Krieger, also told me that if you need some one to shoot your wedding, please contact him.


This is what I’m digging about the portraits:
– Very nice white balance
– Shallow depth-of-field
– Well-composed
– Natural light

What more could you ask for?


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