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For twenty-one years, some of the world’s top photojournalists have passed through the walls of a modest barn in upstate New York. The Eddie Adams Workshop is almost a rite of passage for students and young professionals, and it continues today under the auspices of Eddie’s widow, Alyssa.


Photo by Stacy Pearsall

The workshop is an intense, four day extravaganza which includes a photographic assignment, numerous lectures, and portfolio reviews. In the past few years alone, I’ve been fortunate as a board member to see speakers like Pulitzer Prize Winner Todd Heisler, portrait master Platon, underwater/commercial photographer Howard Schatz, Robert Kennedy photographer Bill Eppridge, and many more. It’s not unusual to see anywhere from 4 to 10 Pulitzer winners in the same room.

Equipment sponsors like Nikon, Bogen, Epson and more have members of their professional service teams there. I got to use a D3 before it was released to the general public, while my D2x was being serviced and cleaned for free.

The other cool part is the awards that are given out. This lesser known fact isn’t the point of the workshop, but everything from assignment from Reuters/NY Times/Getty all the way to a huge $10,000 grant from Nikon are given at the end of the workshop.

Military photographer of the year, Stacy Pearsall, took the photo above, and she appeared on Oprah this week. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The application process is now open until May 11, 2009, so apply now.

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