Jensen Larson’s Wedding Photography Workflow

We shine our next workflow spotlight on the wedding photographer.

larson-workflow.jpgJensen Larson is a company made up of two photographers, Eric Larson and Jen Sens. Located in Central Florida, they specialize in weddings and commercial and editorial assignment work.
Their PhotoShelter Personal Archive wears many hats and does a lot of the busywork for them.

They start off by uploading everything into an Apple RAID first, and once all of the raw images are stored there, they’ll use Photo Mechanic to access and organize them. From there, they will run the images through Aperture and make JPG conversions, which are then uploaded to PhotoShelter using either the Web uploader, or the stand-alone PhotoShelter Uploader application.

They have also sent entire hard drives directly to our office so we could dump all of those images into their account, which eliminates a lengthy upload process.

They have two main clients, brides and editors. Both are treated similarly, in that they are given access to a password-protected gallery, which has been customized to match the look and feel of their own website.

A client will access the gallery, choose which images they want, and download the high-resolution file directly, completing the assignment process. After a period of time, the “editorial embargo” is lifted, and the images are made publicly searchable, and made available for stock sales.

Brides, on the other hand, make use of the Lightbox feature, which allows them to communicate on an image-level basis with Eric/Jen, share selects with family members, and more. Once the bride (or relative of the bride) makes a decision, they can order a print directly on the site.

They have done a really amazing job with the customization of their site. Their customers can hardly tell when they make the jump over to the PhotoShelter servers. Pretty cool!

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