We’re really pumped up about getting out of the office for a few in-person events starting this week. Come on out and see us if you’ll be in NYC.  

This Wednesday – April 28 – the American Society of Picture Professionals, New York Chapter, is hosting “What’s New in Workflow“.  Because we tend to geek out over different photographers’ workflow technique (and we know you do too) – we decided to sponsor this event.  Should be a great night, with a few great speakers discussing their workflow, networking, and some tasty wine too. Maybe you’ll pick up some new tips for your photography workflow?

This Thursday – April 29 – Adorama Camera is hosting us for a photography websites workshop. This event is booked solid and the wait-list is a mile long, so we’re talking with Adorama about booking another date too. We’ll be sharing website design tips, all about creating a website that commercial and editorial photo buyers will love.  Some of this presentation will draw on the results of our recent photo buyer survey.

Next month, we’ll be back at Adorama, talking tactics for beating the recession.  Warning, this is not a support group and won’t be a bunch of sob stories on how business is so hard and the economy is so bad.  Instead, we’re going to talk about smart photography business and marketing tactics you can use right now to grow revenue despite the economy.  

Many more plans in the works for public appearances this summer – lots of dates to discuss SEO for photography websites.  And, we’re booking up our calendar, so if you’re looking for a speaker please contact us now.  Stay tuned!

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