What’s Your PhotoShelter SEO Grader Score?

Is it 99 like Mike Cavaroc and John Lander?
Maybe 92 like Richard Baker?

Our brand new SEO Grader measures over 30 on-page factors on your PhotoShelter website to determine your visibility to search engines. And of course by now, you understand about SEO and Why It Matters to photographers and their photography websites, right?

Marketing isn’t something that necessarily comes naturally to photographers. We don’t like to think about the business of photography, and yet, to be successful we need to be good marketers. After all, a mediocre photographer with superior marketing sells more than a great photographer with no marketing.

The SEO Grader is simple to use. Just upload a few images, and click “Run.” After answering 5 questions, it will automatically scan your account, and provide you with a score and a report broken down by section.


In addition to a score, the SEO Grader provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to improve specific areas.


Best of all, any PhotoShelter account from free to Pro can use the SEO Grader. And when you combine it with our SEO Toolkit, you have one powerful and easy way to improve the visibility of your photography website to Google and the other major search engines.

SEO can really help attract unsolicited visitors to your website for free, so it’s an incredibly powerful tool that you should have in your marketing arsenal. And when you use a tool like PhotoShelter, you get the benefit of building out your search engine optimization even when you’re not logging in every day.

So show us your score!

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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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  1. nipponnews at 11:02 am

    Our SEO grader score is 99. We added yesterday – fantastic – pictures into a gallery called ‘Giant mechanical spiders invade Yokohama’ and it’s also the name’s page. BUT if you google ‘spiders Yokohama’ you got tons of pages and unfortunately no one from our website. That’s very, very, desapointing.

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