Three Film Cameras to Covet

Three Film Cameras to Covet

I love digital, but let’s be honest. There’s still something cool about a mechanical film camera. Here are three new ones that have caught my eye recently.

Leica M8 “White Edition”
There was a White Album that was pretty good, so who are we to question the White M8? Sure, it’s a little more conspicuous than it’s original counterpart, but the coolness factor


Fuji GF670
Even though this camera was announced in 2008, it didn’t start shipping until last month, and so far, only in Japan. But you can apparently score it on eBay. It’s a 6×7 format with a little bellows.


Paul Smith fisheye camera
Paul Smith is a famous British fashion designer who has a predilection for photography. Most of his stores have a section of photo books for reasons that I don’t quite comprehend. But heck, I love it. And you gotta love the fact that along side $150 t-shirts, he has a limited edition Lomo with a fisheye lens.


Sadly, none of these cameras will help me take better pictures.

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