Model Employee: Andrew Fingerman

Model Employee: Andrew Fingerman

A month ago, while it was still raining daily in New York, we reported how one of our favorite photographers, Jake Chessum, was set up in Union Square taking photos of passerbys for a new HSBC campaign.

Our dashing VP of Marketing, Andrew Fingerman, walked over to gather some info for the blog, but ended up getting his photo taken by Jake. Jake clearly could see the latent, sexy beast beneath the button down shirt and trench coat.

A few weeks later, Andrew received a phone call saying that his image had been selected for the campaign. He signed a model release, filled out his 1099, and then waited.

Yesterday, we started to see the ads start to trickle across the Internet. There are rumors that he might be a part of a large print advertisement in the New York Times or in the subway. Who would’ve guessed that a bald dude from Jersey would become the every day man for HSBC.


We’ve already started creating parodies of the banner ads for fun. And most all of them are too risque for public consumption. But boy, we’re giggling like little girls around here.

Where does Andrew really bank? Mum’s the word.

P.S. RIP Michael. Shamon!

Update 7/7/09: Look who showed up in the NY Post today:


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