PhotoShelter in the Cash Cab!

Last year, three of the girls from the PhotoShelter team stepped into a cab going uptown, and by golly, it ended up being the Cash Cab. Cash Cab is a Discovery Channel game show in which the passengers answer trivia questions for cash. If you get three questions wrong, they drop you off on the side of the road.

It took a while, but a year later, we had a little pizza party to celebrate the airing of the episode which featured Caroline (product manager), Meghan (client services) and Kate (our former linguist) winning a big pile of money. Sorry, we don’t have any video, but I do have some crappy screen captures from my iPhone for your enjoyment.

Opening credits!


The girls are informed that they are in the Cash Cab. Notice flashing lights on the ceiling. Tres cool.


You can keep answering questions as long as you’re still on your way to your destination. But if you get three questions wrong, they kick you out of the Cash Cab.


They got stumped on a question, so Caroline used a “mobile shout out” to call Thom (our chief scientist). He got it right, btw. That’s why he’s the chief.


When they arrived at their midtown destination, they decided to double down with the Video Bonus.


For the win! The girls answered all the questions correctly, and walked away with big smiles on their faces.

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