Hey Mom! I’m a PhotoShelter Featured Photographer for July!

Today we’re proud to announce July’s PhotoShelter featured photographers, whose diverse and inspiring images will be displayed in the “Images” tab of the PhotoShelter homepage slideshow throughout the month.

Have a look at July’s 20 winners.  We couldn’t help but notice a whole bunch of water images – it just may be our subconscious desire to get out of the office and enjoy the summer weather. 

Other timely images include:

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Want to submit your images for consideration? Here’s how. Images must be submitted by the 20th of the month, and winners are posted on the first Tuesday of the following month.

  • Christophe Schmid

    Christophe shoots for Eyemage Media, a Geneva photo agency. Covering sports events, he sells personal use licenses, print products and subscriptions. Eyemage’s PhotoShelter website is a manual customization.

  • Emmanuel Fradin

    Emmanuel is a freelance photographer based in Paris, France. He uses our Caboose theme to display and sell from his archive — a complement to assignment photography.

  • Chad Ingraham

    Based in Shanghai, Chad focuses on portraiture for commercial and editorial clients. He displays his work using our Mars theme.

  • Ron Bennett

    Former UPI photographer Ron Bennett has possibly seen it all — and his photo archive proves it. From world leaders to travel and nature work, Ron displays and sells his photos using our Chill theme.

  • Rob Lang

    Rob is a New York based artist who uses our Caboose theme. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including New York Magazine and Cosmopolitan. He shoots stock, commercial and fine art.

  • The Caelum Archive

    The Caelum Archive features exclusive collections that include travel, still-life and urban images. Caelum sells press-ready images using our Chill theme.

  • Tim McGuire

    Based in Seattle, Tim specializes in assignment work, stock photography and fine art. He uses our Induro theme to display his work.

  • William Alix

    William is a French-American photographer based in Paris, France. He is freelance, covering work for magazines, newspapers and personal projects. He uses the Chill theme.

  • Gordon Stillman

    Gordon specializes in commercial, editorial and private event work. He uses our Crisp theme to sell royalty free and rights managed stock.

  • Saquan Stimpson

    Saquan, a Delaware-based freelance photographer, shoots sports, event, commercial and portrait work for Monster Photo. He uses our Induro theme to display his work.

  • Sam Lafoca

    Sam, an aerial stock photographer, shoots at up to 10,000 feet in the air. He uses our Induro theme to showcase the landscape of Southern California in an unusual light.

  • Ryan Donnell

    Ryan is an editorial, advertising and corporate photographer specializing in portraiture and reportage. Based in Philadelphia, PA, he has manually customized his website.

  • Jock Fistick

    Based in Brussels, Belgium, Jock’s photojournalistic work has been published throughout the world in newspapers, magazines and books. He uses our Crisp theme.

  • Evelyn Hockstein

    Evelyn is an award-winning photojournalist based in Washington, DC. She has covered international issues extensively, including Darfur, Congo and Jerusalem. She uses our Induro theme.

  • Tom Trierweiler

    Tom is a stock photographer for TomStock, his small stock agency in Southern California. He provides downloadable images and gallery quality prints through his Induro-themed site.

  • Sven Dreesbach

    Sven hails from Venice, California. He shoots landscape and portraits, as well as street and nature photography.

  • Thomas Lee

    Straddling the East and West, Thomas’ photography bridges cultural and geographical barriers. He is based in New York and Beijing and uses our Crisp theme.

  • Jason Swain

    Jason specializes in fine art landscapes and action/lifestyle photography. He is based on the Isle of Wight on England’s south coast, and uses our Chill theme.

  • Guilad Kahn

    Guilad’s photojournalistic images portray life in Afghanistan and other international locations. He is based in Thailand, but travels all over the globe.

  • Sandy Pavel

    Sandy uses our Induro theme to showcase a diversity of work, varying from travel to abstract to corporate.

  • Lance Cheung

    Lance’s photography ranges widely from portraits to events. He applies his creative eye to many areas, including aerial, corporate, lifestyle, nature and stock photography, and displays his work with a PhotoShelter Basic account

  • Annie Claflin

    Annie Claflin uses the Crisp theme to showcase her images. Using a square format, they highlight the simple beauty in every day settings.

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