PhotoShelter’s Cash for Clunkers Website Program

PhotoShelter’s Cash for Clunkers Website Program


Maybe you created your website in the 1990s, and haven’t updated it
since then. Maybe you’re using Coldfusion with a Flash-based movie that takes
17 minutes to load. Maybe your website lacks e-commerce and
high-resolution file distribution.
Maybe it’s so old, you can’t even install Google Analytics.

Whatever the case may be, it might be time to consider a spanking new
website and PhotoShelter wants to help with our Cash for Clunkers
website promotion. In the month of August, if you have an existing
website, you can trade it in for $100 off our annual Pro-level offering.
That’s a high-performance, e-commerce enabled website with the best SEO
integration that money can buy. Join thousands of photographers like Ami Vitale, Art Wolfe, Vincent Laforet and others who rely on PhotoShelter to power their archives.

To take advantage of this offer, e-mail with the URL of your existing website, and
we’ll e-mail you back with a coupon to get you going right away. Hurry,
offer expires August 31, 2009.

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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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