Portfolio Reviews & Photography Workshops: NYCPhotoWorks & Serious Photo Editor Access

Portfolio Reviews & Photography Workshops: NYCPhotoWorks & Serious Photo Editor Access

We really like seeing photographers get together to help other photographers elevate their game.  NYCPHOTOWORKS is a new group doing exactly that.  Led by photographers Marc Asnin, Elbert Chu, and Joshua Herman, they’re producing a series of photography workshops, portfolio reviews and one-on-one consultations with a whole lot of major photo editors.  And, don’t be fooled by their name, because their consultations will be available to anyone in the world because they’re using PhotoShelter in a unique way.

Photo by Elbert Chu

Workshops. Their first series of workshops kick off Sept 11-13 at Sandbox Studios and will focus on documentary, travel, or portraiture, taught by veteran photographers like Asnin, Rob Howard, and Ron Levine. Over three days, participants get hands-on experience on shoots with instructors in the streets and in the studio.  The course schedule is really intensive and great for photographers who want to deepen their skills in any of these three areas.  Then, NYCPHOTOWORKS follows up in October with a new series of editorial workshops featuring Crary Pullen of Time, Bruce Perez of Redbook, Chris Doughtery of People Magazine, plus a lecture by Kathleen Klech of Conde Nast Traveler.   

Portfolio reviews. From October 22-24, these guys have assembled a ridiculously impressive group of 60+ magazine photo editors and photo/creative directors to conduct portfolio reviews.  These sessions are not cheap, but the price guarantees access to your choice among 14 top photo editors.  We see titles like Business Week, Lucky, People, Vanity Fair, Fortune, ESPN, and so much more.  The key to ensure you maximize this opportunity is to do your homework in advance.  Learn about these magazines and the type of photography they need most, and do a real gut check to make sure you’re a close fit. There’s only one goal of a paid portfolio review session – and that’s to move the photo editor to consider you or your images for an upcoming project.  These aren’t coaching sessions.         

Online consultations.  These are the coaching sessions. Photographers work 1-on-1 with professional editors online, to get direct guidance on how to brand themselves, identify their editorial strengths, and perfect their portfolios.  They’ll be using PhotoShelter to help facilitate these sessions remotely – no need to be in NYC to enjoy the benefits.    

We’re working with NYCPHOTOWORKS because we really like how they’re helping bridge the gap between photographers and photo editors.  Check out their schedule and join for a session that’s right for you.

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