A Couple Fun Sites, a Cool Photographer, and Me at PhotoPlus

A Couple Fun Sites, a Cool Photographer, and Me at PhotoPlus

I often hate the Internet.

When you make it really, really easy for people to exchange information and communicate, it no longer takes any effort. As a consequence, the most thoughtless stuff — inane ideas, mean-spirited comments — show up on the web. But on the other hand, some funny stuff often shows up as well, and that is the top of today’s post.

Sexy Executives
Let’s be honest. It’s tough to have your photo taken when you’re not a model. But when you’re a company executive, you need a head shot. Need I say more?

Tom Mullen, Vice President,
Large Market Development, American Express

Lester Crawford, Board of Directors
Nutrition Physiology Company

When I was younger, Maxim magazine used to have a regular feature about people who inserted themselves into photos (usually drunk), and most often ruining enhancing the image. That practice has been named “photobombing,” and the awesomeness is when famous people do it.

Here’s Daniel Craig photoboming Taylor Swift. Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, but Daniel Craig’s mustache is way better than yours. [buzzfeed]


And this one is just awkward…


John Keatley is Cool

I swear I used to be hip. I had an Apple Newton. I saw Star Wars: The Phantom Menace before it was released. I owned Whitney Houston’s first album on vinyl. But then I got older and now it feels like I’m the last person to know anything. For example, I just *discovered* Daft Punk this year. And I just learned about John Keatley.


John Keatley’s style is sort of like Peter Yang or Dan Winters — i.e. a very contemporary portrait style that uses awesome lighting. John not only has a cool portfolio, but he blogs too, and sometimes reveals his lighting set-ups so that you too, can be John Keatley.

Keatley shot the cover of Sarah Palin’s upcoming biography, Going Rogue, so he got a little press kick from that job. I personally found him much more interesting…

PhotoPlus Expo
The photo tradeshow of the year is coming to the Javitz Center in New York next week from October 22-24. Photographer consultant Ellen Boughn asked me to join her panel on Selling Stock Direct, so if you’d like to see me speaking in the nude a nice button down, please join us on Thursday, October 22 from 1:15pm – 3:15pm.

Have a great weekend!

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