PhotoPlus Expo 2009 in Pictures

Another great PhotoPlus Expo has come and gone, and I figured the best way to recap would be to use some pictures.

We were a sponsor of the inaugural Magnum Expression Award, which had a really neat display of photojournalism in the main entry way to the Expo. Over 17,000 images were submitted from photographers in 170 countries. And the winner is a fantastic Belgian photojournalist Bieke Depoorter. You can view all the finalists.


Bieke wins a $10,000 grant to pursue her photography projects and a very cool HP large format printer — you know, the kind of printer that could output a nice photo and logo.


Andrew held court while demonstrating PhotoShelter.


Photo by Robert Caplin

As usual, Cradoc provided some great coupons for fotoQuote, fotoBiz and fotoKeyword Harvester. As you might know, fotoQuote’s pricing system is built into PhotoShelter (by the way, PhotoShelter users can take advantage of a fotoQuote member discount). Rachel knows it, and look how happy she is.


Sports photographer Brad Mangin and New York photojournalist David Brabyn donated their time to help other photographers understand how they were using the system.


Photo by Robert Caplin

Robert Caplin managed to get this great show of all three bald PhotoShelter guys in one shot. That’s Mike, Andrew and Grover.


Photo by Robert Caplin

When the Expo was over, we carted our gear to the corner, then waited for an hour in the rain for our van to show up. That’s what we get for hiring a guy off Craigslist.


After we dropped the gear off, we headed over to the Heartland Brewery next door to the PhotoShelter offices. Vince Laforet stopped by for a drink and we battled over the paradigm change. I only photographed him at ISO 3200.


Caroline told a story that mesmerized Thom.


Then someone suggested that we go to a karaoke place in Koreatown. They had smoke and lasers.


Grover and I got tired early because we’re old. But we had to meet Brad at Walker’s for a night cap where he was hanging out with Corey Rich.


You’ll notice my photo of Corey is out of focus. Corey doesn’t have focus problems as you can see by the tack sharp photo he took of Grover, Jose Azel and me. Yes, I really was that tired.


I also spoke on a Ellen Boughn’s panel with Fred Benenson from Creative Commons, Rahul Pathak from LookStat, and Candice Murray from Imagespan. Tried out a Nikon D3s. Chatted it up with Dennis Walker from Camera Bits, Doug Murdoch from Think Tank, Michael Costuros from Livebooks, Justin Stailey from Leica, John Harrington from Photo Business News, and a ton of cool photographers. See ya next year!

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