Richard Heene – Balloon Boy’s Father

If you haven’t already heard, a 6 year old boy was thought to have been launched into the atmosphere in a homemade balloon that his father made. The father, an amateur storm chaser with some bizarre theories about psychics and science, was photographed in 2007 by PhotoShelter member Nathan Armes.

Richard_Heene_Colorado_Storm_Chaser – Images by Nathan W. Armes

Here’s hoping that the Heene’s son, Falcon, is ok.

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  1. Jenna Patrick at 4:23 am

    I watched this live today on some of the 24 hr. news networks. Everyone first thought that he had actually flown away with the balloon; thankfully, it looks like he just set it off and then got scared about being in trouble for it. Even more bizarre, in one of the interviews with the family, the kid said something about how it was all done for some “show”. I will be following this story in the next couple days.

  2. ann n at 11:37 am

    America is becoming a Pollyanna, idealistic, socialist cesspool of politically correct, media sensationalism. America needs people like Richard Heene and the children he is raising; we have been resting on their laurels now for years. Under the present system this guy has had his intellectual property stolen, he is doing what he can to use media to his advantage and its going to work. All Richard wants is the opportunity to sell his soul to your crappy system, all you want is to control his activity. You should get together.

  3. Stalin at 9:40 am

    Ann N, you should thank this socialist cesspool for providing you with the drugs you are on; because you are obviously delusional. Hopefully our socialist state will take Heene’s kids away from him before he kills one of them in his quest to be a media whor*.

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