Don’t Be a Website Loner. Get Social with the New “Share” button!

Don’t Be a Website Loner. Get Social with the New “Share” button!

Social Media is an undeniable force on the
Internet, and our belief in it led to the development of our embeddable
slideshows and the  “Post to facebook
functionality. Within the past month, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in traffic to PhotoShelter websites from Facebook, so your posts are having the intended effect.

But when visitors visit your website and view your
photos, we thought that we could do more to allow them to market for
you! So we’re happy to announce that PhotoShelter websites now have an option to posting a
link to your content on a myriad of social networks with the new “Share” button.

To enable the feature within your PhotoShelter website, go to your Gallery Display page template, and make sure the “Post to Social Networks” option is selected.


Once the feature is enabled, your website visitors will see the following when they move their mouse over the new “Share” button:


We’ve selected 6 major services plus e-mail to which a user can post a link to your content. Additionally, there are 199 other services to other social networking sites that users can pick. It’s a great way to extend your reach by using viral marketing tools. Many media websites use the same types of tools to allow their readers to push content for them, and we think photography websites should be no different.

the photographer area, we’ve also made it easier for you to “tweet” a
gallery or image on Twitter. If you have a public gallery or image,
you’ll see the “Tweet This” button. Click it, and we’ll automatically
take you to Twitter with a shortened URL (using to your content.


Assuming you’re logged into Twitter, you’ll see something like this:


The URL to your content is conveniently shortened using, which also means you can instantly view statistics on the clickthrough by simply add a “+” to the end of the URL. For example, if your URL is:

You can type in the following to see stats:

There are so many great marketing and analytical tools available to users nowadays, and we hope to continue to bring them to an audience who is serious about photography.

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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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  1. thomas lee at 10:44 am

    Excellent. Suggestions for Facebook: 1. when share on profile wall the bottom link “View Gallery on PhotoShelter” is broken as “View Gallery on PhotoShel” so perahps lose PhotoShelter because facebook will say “via PhotoShelter” in grey before that link anyways. 2. when share on profile wall, clicking one of 3 generated thumbnails will lead to the large view of that exact image. i wish the thumbnails will only lead to the whole gallery so the viewer could start with a birdeye view. perhaps make this an option? 3. let photographer choose which 3 thumbnails to show? 4. the new fb sharing generated from the ps website only post in the default “link” mode. it’d be nice if all ps sharing on fb is the 3-thumbnail signature style.

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