Falling for November’s Featured Photographers

Congratulations to our November Featured Photographers! You’ll enjoy
this month’s broad selection of outstanding creative and editorial
images by PhotoShelter photographers.  Our diverse spotlight for
November includes bodybuilders, travel lifestyle, nature and live
We encourage you to check out our featured photographers’ work in the “Images” tab of the PhotoShelter homepage slideshow, as well as their PhotoShelter websites in our product tour.

Highlights include:

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  • Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

    Jeremy is an editorial assignment photographer based in Tokyo. He displays and sells his work using our Induro theme.

  • Hernan Zenteno

    Hernan is an accomplished photojournalist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hernan displays his work using our Chill theme.

  • Neil Bookman

    Neil uses our Induro theme to showcase his diversity of work – from animals to still life, travel to weather images. He’s selling prints, products and downloads for commercial and personal use.

  • Jeremie Souteyrat

    Jeremie is a photojournalist based in Tokyo, Japan. His PhotoShelter site is completely integrated with his Graph Paper Press WordPress theme, so his archive is searchable and e-commerce enabled.

  • Alessandro Lanari

    Alessandro is based in Genova, northern Italy and shoots mainly reportage, fashion, events, portraits and industrial photography. He displays and sells his work using our Chill theme.

  • Paul Gallaher

    Based in Temecula, California Paul is currently a photo editor and staff photographer at the Valley News weekly newspaper. His PhotoShelter site is completely integrated with his Graph Paper Press WordPress theme.

  • Amy Peck

    Amy shoots portraits, lifestyle, travel and fine art. She uses our Farah theme to display and her work.

  • Donald Bowers

    Donald is an independent commercial photographer based in NYC. He sells rights managed stock photos and displays his work using our Chill theme.

  • Nigel Hillier

    Nigel is a UK based freelance photographer specializing in portraits, editorial, landscape, and fashion photography. He uses our Induro theme to display and sell his work for Rights Managed licenses.

  • Ronan Gray

    Ronan is a freelance photographer and writer based in San Diego, California. He uses our Crisp theme, where he sells prints plus commercial and personal use downloads.

  • Eric Mastrangelo

    Based in Pennsylvania, Eric specializes in automotive and automotive event photography. He’s currently displaying his work with a basic PhotoShelter-branded page, selling prints and personal use downloads.

  • Neil Juggins

    Neil is an editorial and stock photographer based in London. He displays his work using our Crisp theme.

  • Thomas Lee

    Based both in New York and Beijing, Thomas dubs himself a “journalist-artist.” His work mixes both reportage and fiction. He displays and sells his work as prints and downloads using our Chill theme.

  • Lionel Derimais

    Based in Beijing, Lionel displays his archive using our Crisp theme, where he features a diversity of his work, including photojournalism, corporate, travel, and architecture imagery.

  • Paul Purser

    Paul operates Photo Charlotte, a stock photography site based in Charlotte, North Carolina area, and focused on both Carolinas. He displays his work using our Crisp theme.

  • Ian Sitren

    Ian is based in Palm Springs, California and specializes in bodybuilding and fitness photography for advertising, commercial and editorial projects. He uses our Induro theme to display and sell his work.

  • Chris Case

    Chris is the editor and director of photography and design for Trail & Timberline magazine. He displays his photography and sells rights managed downloads with our Induro theme.

  • Dave Rossman

    Dave is a freelance photographer in Houston, Texas specializing in parties, event photography and portraits. He sells prints and downloads for commercial and personal use with our Induro theme.

  • Robert Houser

    Robert is an advertising, magazine and corporate photographer based in San Francisco, California specializing in portraiture and annual reports. He displays his work via a basic PhotoShelter-branded page.

  • Evelyn Hockstein

    Evelyn is an award-winning photojournalist based in Washington, DC. She has covered international issues extensively, including Darfur, Congo and Jerusalem. She uses our Induro theme.

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