New Website Themes for PhotoShelter

New Website Themes for PhotoShelter

We’re happy to announce the availability of two new website themes to PhotoShelter Standard and Pro users, both named after two of our favorite New York neighborhoods.

Nolita is an angular and very clean design with thin Century Gothic lettering. Peter Pham (an Asia travel stock photographer) uses the default style, and Markel Redondo (a freelance editorial photographer in Bilbao) is using the “White Shadow” style.


Soho is my personal favorite because it’s a nice design, but also because it has a search box on every page. For those of you with extensive archives, or who are in the stock photography business, this reduces one extra step for your clients to find your images.


Mercury Press International (a media services and stock photography company) uses the default style while Björn Göttlicher (a Spanish travel photographer) is using the “canvas” style to give the background a little texture. Here’s a close-up:


It’s so luxurious, you want to touch it, don’t you?

Take the new themes for a ride. There’s no additional cost to access them, and you can switch back and forth to your heart’s content. We have more good stuff in the pipeline…

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