Talking Photo Business in Austin

That’s right, we’re comin to Austin!
by Allen Murabayashi

Photo by Robert Seale

When PhotoShelter was invited to participate in a discussion on the business of photography at SXSW we of course thought of one thing and one thing only: Bar-B-Que. Then we wondered “Why not host a kick-ass workshop on the business and art of photography while we’re in town?” So we are.

Then we thought, “Maybe local pros like Darren Carroll, Eric Hegwer, Jack Hollingsworth, Taylor Jones and Robert Seale would want to join us for a panel discussion?” And they did.

Finally we deliberated whether photographers were more interested in learning how to use tools like SEO and Google Analytics to improve search engine rankings and drive traffic to their photo websites, or if they’d rather pick up some nifty lighting techniques from Robert Seale they could use on their next corporate head-shot gig or magazine shoot? And we decided to cover all of the above.

This is going to be a seriously productive day in Austin folks and it will only set you back $20 to be in the room when it all goes down. Whether you’re a local or just passing through for SXSW, we’d love to see you there. You’ll leave with new tips and tools you can start using immediately to not just survive but thrive in these trying photographic times.

Thriving in Uncertain Photographic Times

The Long Center for the Performing Arts
701 West Riverside Drive
Austin, Tx

Saturday, March, 13 2010
11am-4pm / $20


And who knows, when the shoot wraps and the day is done maybe we’ll throw back a few ribs… we’re partial to the County Line. What’s your favorite Austin ‘que joint?
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