PicScout/PhotoShelter Webinar: Tues, Feb 23 at 3pm EST

PhotoShelter and PicScout have partnered together to create yet another marketing opportunity to get their images in front of image buyers. To answer any questions you might have about the technology and timeline, we’ve scheduled a webinar with Offir Gutelzon, CEO of PicScout and me.

PhotoShelter, PicScout, and Your Photos
Tuesday, February 23
3pm – 4pm EST

PicScout is fingerprinting over 8 million images which have been priced in PhotoShelter, and using their browser add-on, image buyers will be able to identify, inquire and license these images online — whether it’s in a blog, a commercial site, or a search engine result. It’s a really exciting application of their fingerprinting technology that is going to open up a whole new avenue for photographers. We hope you can join us.

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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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  1. John Lander at 3:42 am

    Thanks Allen, Grover, PS and Picscout, Already about one third of my 5000 images have been indexed, in fact I just noticed this when I was keywording/captioning on Alamy this morning using Firefox since Alamy’s keywording interface doesn’t work with my version of Mac Safari… Anyway, that is kind of my concern. I doubt that so many art directors and photo editors around the world use Firefox or can be bludgeoned into downloading new stuff for their browsers. I myself wanted to simply go to the PicScout web site and search a random image or three of mine that not many other photogs likely to have to see if indexed but, nope, gotta download the thingie and use Firefox. I wonder if there are plans to 1. make this add-on available for Explorer, Chrome, Safari et al 2. have a search engine right on your page for those who don’t like Firefox or adding new widgets to their browsers, etc. Sorry I’m in Japan so can’t tune into webinar to ask these questions as it will be 3 am here… Anyway, very exciting partnership, and I point out the above in all due respect and appreciation for the partnership and indexing, only hoping to make it even more effective. John Lander

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