Friday Shoutouts, Fist Bumps & PhotoShelter Finds

What happened to the week? If it feels like it went by faster than the week before, it actually did. We lost an hour somewhere in there for daylight savings time. [Shaking fist at the sky.]

But this week we have plenty of cool attention-grabbing shout-outs that may end up stealing another hour of your life.

Washington DC photographer Stephen Voss has taken the whole concept of “shooting in your own backyard” to a new level. Literally. His “91-days project“, which starts tomorrow (March 20), involves him making one photo each day in his backyard using a 4×5 camera and Fuji instant film, and then giving these prints to 91 luckly people who request them.

Interested? Contact him after you check out this video:

Here’s one from the “smart marketing” and “career reinvention” files.

Same-sex marriage just became legal in Washington DC.

Joe Tresh, a freelance news, event, and nightlife photographer based in Washington, D.C., seized this opportunity to launch his niche D.C. gay wedding photography business. A smart move to move fast as a market changes, and make the best of his existing contacts and community. We wish him all the best!

Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal in DC – Images by Joe Tresh

Photographers Craig Ferguson and Dilip Bhoye attended the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Pingxi, Taiwan and produced several really nice images.

Both Craig’s images and Dilip’s images make really cool use of long exposure times. Looks like a fun assignment.

Photographer James Horan spotted Elvis in Australia – over and over again – during the Elvis Revival Festival in Parkes, NSW, Australia.

Horan was able to photograph “Elvis” in such as activities as lawn bowling, bus riding, parade watching, shopping, and even a little late-night “tree watering.” A super fun collection of pictures.

Jason Rothe is a photographer currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he is working on documentary projects in Latin America.

His extended photo project on Bolivian miners is an in-depth view of a really fascinating subject, and it’s definitely worth a look.

The Devil and the Mountain: A Biography of the Bolivian Miner

Great job, Jason.

Liquid” is a theme of we spotted in Aaron Reed’s website. It’s full of really colorful, saturated images that involve water. The images are all available as prints, products, and digital downloads directly from his website.

Hey, great idea! πŸ™‚

Aaron and Zeb Andrews, who are based in the Oregon/Washington area, also run workshops that teach people how to shoot waterfalls and coastlines.

Have suggestions for a worthy shout-out for next week? Let us know!

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