Join Us for a Photo Business Workshop Live in LA

Join Us for a Photo Business Workshop Live in LA

We had such a good time Lighting it up in Austin, we’ve decided to pack our bags and head west again. This time we’re not stopping ’til we see the Pacific (Design Center that is). We’re coming to LA!


Tired of spending more time updating your status and redesigning your website than out shooting new images?  We’ll help set your priorities straight as we explore what’s worth your time in photo business marketing.

Grover serves as your guide for the afternoon and gets things started with Extreme Makeover: Photography Website Edition, as he finds needy websites knocks ’em down and builds ’em back up again new and improved.

Then guest photography team Michael Larsen and Tracy Talbert talk about, what else, celebrity portraiture and a bevy of age-defying lighting techniques you can apply to your next portrait shoot. Then learn how this duo is diversifying their photography business to meet the demands of a changing market.  

Still want more photo marketing insight? Stick around for a panel discussion with pro shooters and industry veterans as they offer their two cents (and then some) on where you should be spending your photo marketing time and money.  

Walk away with new strategies you can starting applying on your site, in the studio and across the internet immediately. Get the full presentation descriptions and register to reserve your place now.

The last one was a sell out so register soon!

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