Shout-Outs, Friday Shout-Outs…

Shout-Outs, Friday Shout-Outs…

I’ve got a portion of a song from the rock band Kiss stuck looping in my head. It goes like this:

“Shout it, shout it, shout it out LOUD! (You got to have a party!)”

I know, I’m old. Can’t help it.

So I guess we should have a little party here on the blog as I do some Friday Shout-Outs to some of the folks who made us happy, proud, and deserving of back-pats this week.

Remember, we do this every week. Let us know if you spotted any shout-out worthy situations for next Friday.

We spotted a few incredible PhotoShelter website customizations this week, and I continue to be impressed with the many ways people are bending and molding PhotoShelter’s interface so that it will fit seemlessly into their own websites.

Enrique Vidal, a documentary photographer and a physical oceanographer, figured out how to insert a PhotoShelter slideshow at the top of each of his gallery pages. Below the slideshow are the thumbnails within the gallery. Amazing! We’ve never seen anyone do this before!

Here’s one of his galleries: Antarctica

Antarctica – Images by Enrique Vidal Vijande

Chris Smith is a professional travel, nature, and food photographer who shoots pictures from around the world. His website sells limited edition photo art prints. But here’s the extra cool part: He has added all kinds of additional product options and shipping details to each of his images.

Fantastic job, Chris. You really nailed it!

Orinoquiaphoto is the first Venezuelan online image bank-photo agency. Their services include photojournalism, assignment photography, photo editing and developing corporate digital files.

Their customization is nice, clean, and unique – which matches the style of the really nice work displayed in the site.

Paul Emberger spent a day shooting pictures of a brain surgeon in action, and put together a gallery full of images, and a particularly descriptive blog post.

“Try to imagine the smell of burnt hair combined with the distinct scent of a dental drill boring into a tooth,” he said. “If you can, then you know what I smelled as a drill bit cut through the skull of patient x, lying face down on an operating table.”

Brain Surgery – Images by Paul Emberger

Congrats to Lisa Smith, a PhotoShelter user from Plano, Texas. She was the Conver Contest Grand Prize Winner for Texas Monthly magazine. Her winning image of hot air balloons at the Plano Balloon Festival graced the cover of the magazine.

More of Lisa’s work can be seen in a gallery of images that she calls her “Sampler Platter.”

Images from PhotoShelter members from Evostock are featured in this month’s ASMP Bulletin. Evostock is using PhotoShelter’s Virtual Agency to get their work out into the marketplace.

In total, thirteen of their 54 photographers were featured in the ASMP Bulletin: Frank Huster; Kate Baldwin; Tim McGuire; Andy Caulfield; Bruce Forster; Laura Dwight; Ted Horowitz; Gregory Wrenn Smith; Ric Peterson; Rob Casey; Gabe Palmer; and David Williams.

They featured Evostock because they are a “new virtual image source”, a collective of photographers showcasing a collection of high-quality general subject Rights-Managed stock photography. Non exclusive, no revenue splits, photographers remain in control of their images.

“Evostock is made to empower creators.”

Ami Vitale‘s work from Guinea Bissau, edited by Hannamari Shakya, is online now at BiteMagazine. Ami is such a brilliantly talented photographer, and her work is delicate, personal, and always inspiring.

“I feel its a glorious time for photojournalism and story telling,” she is quoted as saying on

“Our medium is changing and the new opportunities are out there but take a little more work to find,” she said. “I don’t understand why everyone is afraid of change, the same thing happened to radio years ago. Everyone said it was dead. Photography is not dead and if we can harness all the creativity and tools available to us, we can make some amazing work and deliver it to audiences we never dreamed of reaching before.”

We agree, Ami!

Photographer Fiona Aboud‘s twin girls are on the cover of the April issue of Fast Company magazine. The image, taken by Danielle Levitt, is adorable.

Proud momma sent me an email today:

“Anya, the writer of the article is a friend and she was inspired by how the girls use iPhone games to learn (the article also features other products that kids are using to learn.)”


I am always looking for things to include here in our Friday Shout-Outs – so if you have anything you think is worthy, let me know. Or, better yet, post a note to Twitter with my name in it (@heygrover) or “friend me” on Facebook, and that way I won’t forget it later.

I suggest that, this weekend, you Rock and Roll all night, and party every day.

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