You took the time to show us your PhotoShelter, and now its time for us to show you some love.

In March, we asked photographers to “Show Us Your PhotoShelter” by blogging about how you’re using our service.  We hoped to learn a little bit more about they ways we’re helping you and your business.  So many of your responses blew us away, and now we’re handing out a few gifts for some of our favorites.  With so many fantastic stories, and so few gifts to share, we had to seriously battle it out to decide which ones came out on top.  You’re each using PhotoShelter in so many different ways, we also learned a thing or two!  Have a look at some of the responses, and you just may pick up some tricks or even a little inspiration…
Our top favorites:
Canadian editorial and advertising photographer and CG artist Tommy Zablan showed us some very creative ways he’s using PhotoShelter.  His top priority is to deliver files quickly and securely to editorial and commercial clients. Beyond that, Tommy gave us a look at how he uses PhotoShelter galleries to create shareable mini portfolios for local Vancouver talent. He also uses PhotoShelter slideshows as backup when he’s giving presentations, and to share images with family around the world.  We’re giving Tommy a $500 Gift Card from Adorama Camera. Thanks for the great vignettes Tommy!

Ayumi Komiyama, Make-up & Hair Artist – Images by Tommy Zablan

Tommy Zablan creates mini-portfolios for local Vancouver talent using PhotoShelter slideshows.

UK Sports & Editorial Photographer Gavin Ellis of TGS Photo shared how he used PhotoShelter to get an advertising deal done with Puma. Gavin displays and sells his archive over 75,000 images on PhotoShelter, and has customized his website in some extremely unique ways. We’re giving Gavin 100GB of additional storage for his PhotoShelter account. 

Nature and Wildlife Photographer Mike Cavaroc told us how he uses our social media tools to build a following and how PhotoShelter helped him turn his photo hobby into a professional passion. Its a great story, and we’re sending him a copy of the new Apple Aperture 3.

But wait there’s more:
File these awesome contributions under “the ones we liked so much we decided to make more gifts”.  Each of these are also very much worth reading, especially if you’re seeking new ways to use PhotoShelter. This was totally unplanned, but we’ve decided to recognize these members with an additional 10GB of storage.

Wildlife stock photography specialist Daniel Cox showed us how he’s using PhotoShelter to help save polar bears impacted by climate change.

Atlanta music photographer Will Godfrey is really happy he can upload images to PhotoShelter and embed them directly into blogposts. No more double uploads!  

Ramon Lepage of Venezuelan photo agency Orinoquiaphoto showed us how he uses *three* separate PhotoShelter accounts – 1 for his agency of images from Venezuela using our Graph Paper Press integration; 1 for Istmophoto, a specialized archive of images from Panama and Central America; and 1 creative asset library for client Farmatodo.  

Portland web designer Deb Pang Davis uses PhotoShelter in many ways, first as an image buyer and also as a designer. Deb penned a blogpost “Why Photographers Should Consider PhotoShelter”.  Simply put, we’re blushing. (Check out Deb’s handiwork for Olson & Farlow and Nic Bezzina.)  

California freelance photographer and graphic designer Brian Espinosa told us about all the fun features he keeps discovering on PhotoShelter. 

Seattle wedding photographer Josie Liming showed us how she uses PhotoShelter’s gallery collections to separate her wedding clients images into more manageable galleries, embed in her blog, and share on facebook.

Equestrian photographer Nico Morgan shared how he uses PhotoShelter to generate sales from both consumers and corporate clients. 

We might have though Portland photographer Craig Mitchelldyer spent all month putting this one together but he was actually the first to respond – he really showed us everything he does with PhotoShelter, with graphics.  Thanks for the peek inside Craig!

We really enjoyed seeing all of the submissions, and will continue sharing each of them (not just our favorites) through Twitter and Facebook for the rest of the month.  Just because “Show Us Your PhotoShelter” is over, we really want to hear more.  Don’t be shy…

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