The Many Faces of the PhotoShelter Slideshow

PhotoShelter slideshows give you the ability to embed your galleries almost anywhere like a blog, webpage, or even your Facebook page. And as more and more people have used them, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback on how they could be even better. So I’m happy to announce that we’ve updated the features and functionality.

Here’s the new slideshow with all its defaults turned on.

You might notice that we’ve changed the previous and next buttons which now overlay the image when you move your mouse onto the slideshow. We think the bigger buttons will make it easier to use. Alternately, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard. We also changed some of the iconography like the now prominent “SHARE” button.
Now let’s talk about all the ways you can customize your slideshow…

Of course, you can resize it, and perhaps turn off the top menu bar.

Clicking on the image takes you to the corresponding image in my PhotoShelter archive, unless of course, you disable that feature.
Here’s a version with the “filmstrip” turned on by default.

You can also disable the bottom toolbar and make the background transparent. Pretty clean, right?

The back-end controls also allow you to determine the time between slides, and whether you want the slideshow to automatically start playing. There are now over 20 different options that you can configure when setting up your slideshow. So we hope you find something that suits your taste and needs.
Lastly, the old slideshow had a maximum display limit of 200 images, even if your gallery had more images. We rewrote the way the slideshow loads the images and meta data, and now set up a 1,000 image limit. This should definitely help those event shooters out there.
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Allen Murabayashi is the Chairman and co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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  1. Will Godfrey at 10:31 pm

    Sweet updates! No idea what the technical side is like, but what about making the slideshows with HTML5 for iPhone and iPad? Is that even possible? This is the only part of my website that is not viewable on the iPad. Your thoughts?

  2. Jon at 12:14 am

    Hi, Is there any way the slideshow can run faster ? ie down to 1 sec. for each image.. 2 secs seems too slow to hold any decent editor..

  3. gwenmeyer at 12:19 am

    ugh! what have you done to slideshow move forward arrows? you see how you have numbers on your home page for logged in members- clear navigation tool- i find the fwd and back recessed arrows of new slideshows really annoying – they dont work that well and they are hard to find if you dont know they are there. much prefer the discreet but clear arrow of old…anyway to put that back as an option?

  4. Allen Murabayashi at 9:18 am

    @pam/@robert: you can sort of simulate this by changing the background color. the menu bars are a darker shade of the color you select. @will: it might be possible. we haven’t looked deeply into it b/c the overall traffic coming from ipad/iphone is miniscule compared to traffic coming from normal browsers. apple knows how to whip up a frenzy, but the reality of usage on photo websites tells a different story. @jon 1 sec based on the latency of your connection might not even be enough to load a photo. if your clientele needs to move that quickly, they should use the prev/next arrows.

  5. Will Godfrey at 1:07 pm

    Allen, I just noticed that the new slideshows show the first image on any device that does not support flash! This is awesome! With that little tweak, you fixed like four problems I was running into with my blog and now you can at least see an image on iPhone/iPad and get to that gallery to see more. So I guess I am not as interested in HTML5 at this point 🙂 -Will

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