Your Photography Blog Ain’t No Online Journal

dear diary,

succeeding in photography nowadays is much harder than it’s ever been. and like, all this extra marketing stuff like social media, search engine optimization, and analytics is supposed to increase my audience and improve my business, but i just wanna be shooting.

i’m trying to convince photographers that blogging is actually a great marketing tool, and not just an online journal. i mean a lot of photographers get daunted because they don’t know what to write about and stuff. then they see people like Chase Jarvis (dreamy!), aphotoeditor (mysterious!) and Strobist (he’s like my favorite teacher!) and think that blogs are only for a-listers, but they’re totally not. they’re like for everyone.

btw, i totally tried giving up texting for like a day, and i almost died. (oh, and for lunch i had this awesome sandwich that had two pieces of chicken instead of a bun!)

so anyway, blogs are awesome. i mean it’s cool to have lots of people reading your blog, but did you know that search engines can read your blog too? omg.

also, blogs are awesome for building backlinks, which you totally have to do to improve your SEO. so like if you take pictures, then you should totally post some on your blog and then link back to your website cuz that’s awesome for SEO.


my peeps (hollah 212!) wrote a cool new thing called the “Photography Blog Handbook,” which is:

1. free
2. covers all this business marketing stuff
3. has a totally awesome drawing of a cow

it’s like all of the resources & tools you need to make blogging work for you; time saving content ideas your clients and search engines will love; and success stories and case studies so you can learn from the pros. there’s links to over 25 different plugins you can use to display photos and pimp your blog with other key features like analytics, SEO, and social sharing.

and then we totally asked all these bloggers like gavin gough, rachel hulin, and todd owyoung about their most popular blog entries and their strategies for kicking butt with blogs. oh yeah, and b4 i forget, there’s coupons from photoshelter, agency access and graph paper press.

you should def download it now.

peace + <3

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  1. monsterphotoiso at 12:47 pm

    I was one of those photographers, who felt like I didn’t know what to write or felt like I needed to be a professional writer, however I find that blogging has indeed helped me gain more visitors to my website. Now the key for me is getting more interesting assignments so I can blog about it, notwithstanding my audience would be interested in it as well. But blogging does help a-lot. Saquan

  2. digital photography at 4:11 am

    Hello!, First of, this is a great e-book, I just got it and I’m reading it with pleasure… some beefy stuff there. I’ve been into blogging since the beginning, and have tried many methods of gaining traffic etc. my current photography blog is the most successful out of the bunch. And the reason for this is simple: I provide answers and solve problems of photographers, and everything else just pours in… p.s. photo-shelter is a cool blog, I’m subscribing!

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