Behind The Scenes: AdoramaPix

Behind The Scenes: AdoramaPix

by Grover Sanschagrin

What happens when someone buys a print from your website? Unless you’ve elected to print and mail the order yourself, you probably have no idea. If you’re using a third-party print vendor to handle all the work, then it just magically appears in your customer’s mailbox. Right?

I was curious about the process enough to find out. I contacted Ingrid Spangler at AdoramaPix, and agreed to let me come down with my video camera and get a full tour of the operation.

AdoramaPix is a little different than most printing facilities because a real person looks at every print that comes through their system. Color and density corrections can be made for no additional charge, and real people pack and ship each order.

To make the tour as realistic as possible, I ordered a print through my PhotoShelter website as I was walking out the door, on my way to the AdoramaPix printing facility in New York City. By the time I got there (about 20 minutes later), the order has already been received and I arrived in time to watch it go through the entire process.

The end result, was a really nice print. It was packaged well, and they took really good care of the image as it marched through the process. It’s not the machines that matter, I think it’s the people that make the biggest difference, and is a big part of the reason why their print quality is so damn good.


For more information how to sell prints, products, or digital downloads through PhotoShelter, see our tour to learn more.


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