Friday Shout-Outs, Right-Ons, and Victory Laps

Friday Shout-Outs, Right-Ons, and Victory Laps

One PhotoShelter user scores big with images in a Ken Burns film, another shoots haunting images in an abandoned asylum, another goes back in time to the 50s, and we found the best t-shirt ever. These are some of the things we’re shouting about this week.

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Photographer Viveca Koh has a gallery of images titled “Hellingly Asylum,” which includes images made inside the East Sussex County Asylum (later named Hellingly Hospital), which opened in 1903. It was closed in 1994, and has been falling into disrepair and decay ever since.

Her images are haunting and dramatic.

Hellingly Asylum – Images by Viveca Koh

“Having been working on these pictures for days now, I am deeply immersed in Hellingly at the present time,” she said. “As I look closely at the details of the decay feel a deep sense of sadness that such a beautiful building has ended its days smashed up and unloved, prior to being bulldozed into the ground.”

Each year, dozens of rockabilly fans get together for a week in a small town in Spain near Barcelona called Calafell, to live as people did in the 1950’s.

Bruno was there to document the people, the fashions, the cars, and the vibe of the event with a collection of images titled “Welcome back to the Happy Days.”

Happy Days: Welcome back.. – Images by Bony for Maya Press

Bruno, a photojournalist since 1985, is currently working with Maya-Press, a photo agency based near New York City. He runs the Maya-Press European department.

Alessandro Avondo runs, a site about music and photography. It includes an archive of music images that feature Italian venues and international artists.

He recently shot a picture that really amused me. Daevid Allen, a member of the band “Gong” performed live at Asti in Musica in Italy sporting a t-shirt that declares he’s not exactly a participant in the social media scene. “No, I am not on f*!#ing Facebook


ken-burns.jpgCongrats to sports photographer Brad Mangin who hit a grand slam with a photo licensing deal that really pays tribute to his baseball photography skills. Ten of his images will be appearing in “The Tenth Inning,” a two-part, four-hour documentary film directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.

In addition, three of his images will be used in a book about the movie.

The movie is a new chapter in Burns’s landmark 1994 series, BASEBALL, and it tells the tumultuous story of the national pastime from the 1990s to the present day.

Mangin made his archive of baseball images available to the movie producers, and gave them “trusted client access,” which enabled them to browse through his entire archive and take the images they needed. Because of his easy-to-access archive, they used more images from him than any other photographer.

Oliver Schafeld started a Virtual Agency for food photography, and is seeking more photographer members. He invites others to “see and show some good food here.”

This virtual agency is meant to “host all kinds of images having food as main subject matter. Themes may include production, preparation, consumption, plain or stylish presentation. Any food, shot anywhere from field to plate.”

Members currently include: David Hagerman, Laura Berman, Marc Piscotty, Simone van den Berg, and Oliver Schafeld.


I am always looking for things to include here in our Friday Shout-Outs – so if you have anything you think is worthy, let me know.

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