Friday Shout-Outs, Honor Rolls, and Warm Fuzzies

Friday Shout-Outs, Honor Rolls, and Warm Fuzzies

This week we see some documentary work from Uganda and Paris France, and even out in the desert with a full set of drums. If you’re a fan of HDRI, we’ve got some good news. And one small virtual agency is making a big impression.

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In a ruling announced the other day in California, District Court Judge Vaughn Walker lifted a stay on his decision overturning Proposition 8 and same-sex marriages are expected to become legal in California on Wednesday, August 18, 2010.

But political issues related to homosexuality are not only playing out in the United States, it’s also happening in Uganda.

Benedicte Desrus, a documentary photographer based in East Africa, has been telling the story with her camera. Desrus focuses on humanitarian and social issues, while also covering important breaking news.

“A bill before the government is proposing the death penalty for homosexuals, imprisonment for heterosexuals who don’t turn gays over to the police and the abolition of all organizations that support gay rights,” she writes.

Her photography on this issue shows how far this kind of tragic discrimination can go.

5 March 2010 – Kampala, Uganda – Portrait of a “closet homosexual” in Uganda.
Photo by Benedicte Desrus.

Michelle Kenna, a Dublin-based professional photographer and post-production artist has uploaded a nice collection of pictures of Paris. She posted a link on Twitter, and I took a look. I like her style and how she sees, so I thought I’d share it here.

Paris – Images by Michelle Kenna


170.jpgIf you’re a fan of High Dynamic Range Imaging, you might want to check out Jack Howard‘s book “Practical HDRI.” It is now in it’s 2nd Edition, and available for purchase.

He even created a video that tells the stories behind many of the images used to illustrate the 2nd Edition of his High Dynamic Range Imaging how-to book.

Currently, Jack is the Director of New & Social Media for Adorama Camera where his blogs and podcasts discuss all matters photographic. He was previously the Editor of, the online home of Popular Photography and American Photo magazines.

Los Angeles-based photographer Sven Doornkaat went on location – into the middle of the desert and dealt with 115 degree heat – so he could shoot a portrait of drummer Austin Wrinkle in Joshua Tree Park.

“Carrying an entire drumset, lights, cameras, stands and bags to the spot wasn’t even the worse part,” Doornkaat sait. “Joshua Tree Park is also home to some ‘tasty’ insects, reptiles and snakes, so you really have to watch where you are walking… And Jeez some of those bugs are about the size of a squirrel.”

Austin Wrinkle for PhotoShelter blog – Images by Sven Doornkaat

Sven – you’re insane. 🙂

Atlas Exposed Images showcases powerful photography from globe-trotting professional photographers. They’re also doing a great job of marketing themselves.

We are fans of their photography as well as their regular monthly newsletter – which is really well-done.


Atlas Exposed Images is a Virtual Agency that includes photographers Sergio Ballivian, Justin Bailie, and Kevin Steele.

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