Cheers! Now Printing in the UK

Cheers! Now Printing in the UK

Aston Martin. The Office. Old Speckled Hen. Mind the Gap. What comes to mind?

If you answered, “PhotoShelter’s first UK-based print partner,” you’re absolutely right. We’re very excited to have a European-based print solution, and we hope you are too. Please say hello to Spectrum Photographic.


After much careful research, consideration and user feedback, we choose Spectrum Photographic to be our first international print partner. Now, in addition to PhotoShelter’s existing partnerships with ezprints,
AdoramaPix and ExposureManager, there is an international option that
offers automated print fulfillment to our users abroad. Spectrum offers
standard shipping rates in the EU and beyond, which means eliminating extra shipping markup just to get your prints to your side of the pond. And
with the prints coming from their lab, located just outside of London, your clients
won’t be waiting weeks to have your work in their hands!

We evaluated several potential partners, and it was Spectrum’s reputation for gallery quality printing, a hands-on attention to detail, and the highest level of customer service that set them apart. Spectrum has built a top-notch reputation over the last 17 years for serving some of the UK’s most discerning clients, including museums, galleries and exhibit spaces nationwide.

Our decision was guided by PhotoShelter user feedback such as the following review from Tim Kahane of Trigger Image:

“Spectrum offers a personal print service backed by years of experience from a dedicated team of professionals. As an image library we rely on their expertise and knowledge in creating high quality prints for our customers, and I can confidently recommend them to fellow Photoshelter users professional and amateur alike.”

We are very pleased to be offering our users a reliable, best of breed printing option for the UK and beyond, and we can’t wait to hear the success stories from our user’s experience with Spectrum. Now get out there and sell some prints!

For complete details on the new print services from Spectrum Photographic and how to get started, please read the details from Caroline in the PhotoShelter forum.


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