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Graph Paper Press has been bringing photographers beautiful, easy to use WordPress themes since 2004.  We started to notice their smartly designed themes popping up on some of our favorite photographer’s sites and it wasn’t long before a partnership was born. (PhotoShelter Standard and Pro users can greatly enhance their online presences by combining beautiful themes from Graph Paper Press with PhotoShelter’s robust e-commerce, marketing, and image distribution tools.) Since then it’s been nothing but great reviews and even more stunning sites.

That’s why we were so excited when Graph Paper Press announced earlier this week that they were launching Graph Paper Press Pro, a new service that combines blog hosting, management and the complete library of Graph Paper Press themes all in one simple to use interface. In their own words:

Pro is for individuals and businesses who don’t want to deal with building or managing a WordPress web site.  Our team handles WordPress installations, core software upgrades, website security, installation of must-have plugins and access to all Graph Paper Press themes (including future releases). In layman’s terms, you will be only two minutes away from launching your own killer website.

Graph Paper Press Pro is an end-to-end web hosting, WordPress and theme solution that takes two minutes to activate. Each new Pro account comes with three layers of management: 1) Server management by Firehost, 2) WordPress management by Page.ly, and 3) theme management by Graph Paper Press.

…read the full article on the Graph Paper Press blog

Take the video tour:

Graph Paper Press Pro from Graph Paper Press on Vimeo.

All of this functionality, and a farewell to the headaches of domain registration, web hosting, WordPress installations etc… comes at a very reasonable $35/month – including free domain registration. And what goes better with a Graph Paper Press Pro account than a PhotoShelter Pro account? Nothing.

While these are both wise investments in your photo future, why not get the entire Pro package for FREE?


We’re hooking up one very lucky photographer with a matching set of pro accounts from PhotoShelter and Graph Paper Press.

Get all the tools you need to launch and manage a stunning website for your photography from Graph Paper Press Pro, combined with 100GB of online backup, robust e-commerce, secure image delivery, and business and marketing tools from PhotoShelter.

Here’s how to Enter…

On Facebook: Post a comment below the Going Pro giveaway thread on the PhotoShelter Facebook page linking to your current site, and letting us know why you should get the Pro accounts!
On Twitter: Retweet “I want to go pro with @photoshelter and @graphpaperpress” and you’ll be entered!

We’ll select one lucky entry on Friday October 1, at 5pm (EDT)!

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  1. Laura Brooks {Elle Bea Photography} at 5:34 pm

    Why do I need to win this giveaway? BECAUSE MY WEBSITE IS A HOT MESS! I have worked my butt off this year getting beautiful images that I’m actually proud of but my website is currently a free wix website that pixelates my images, is horrid FLASH! and is just altogether bad news and looks like a kindergartner designed my site. I am soooo ashamed I don’t even carry my business cards around with me because I don’t want people to judge me on my site. I’ve done the hard work, now truly give me a website I can be just as proud of!

  2. Rich D. at 9:32 pm

    I love Graph Paper Press. I just started using the F8 theme on my main studio site. The ability to merge a blog and web site into something that looks like a web site it fabulous. No need to maintain two sites for my wedding photo studio any longer.

  3. web hoster at 8:44 pm

    I just started my business with Canon t4i, still not sure how to get the lighting right or half the options. What are some ways to make money in photography with out much experience. I’m afraid to do a wedding!

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