Telluride Photo Festival Wrap-up

Telluride Photo Festival Wrap-up


First things first: last week we broadcast two presentations live from the Telluride Photo Festival to the PhotoShelter Facebook page taking comments and questions from viewers on our Twitter stream. It was a great experiment that resulted in a lot of interesting conversation.

But if you missed the live action, you’re in luck! As promised here are the recorded videos from those live streams*, enjoy.

*please bear with us through a few minor audio glitches.

SEO for Photographers

with PhotoShelter CEO, Allen Murabayashi

Extreme Makeover: Photography Website Edition
with VP of Marketing, Andrew Fingerman

And if you want a closer look at the slides, here they are:
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And check out more of our videos and presentations on the PhotoShelter Vimeo page.

Now that we have that out of the way, can I just express how awesome a town Telluride is? Granted it was off-season, but the color of the leaves and natural beauty is ineffable. I had originally rented a little compact car to get from Denver to Telluride, but Andrew convinced me to upgrade to the SUV. When we had a little free time, we did some exploring, and as we drove up the dirt paved switchbacks up a few mountainsides, I was glad we had 4-wheel drive. Those Chinese tourist wish they had the SUV.

Of course, being two miles up isn’t easy for us city boys. We both were winded climbing up a flight of stairs to the parking lot, and I woke up constantly during the night because I couldn’t breathe. That’s some thin air.

We grabbed some grub with Apple’s Martin Gisborne who did a couple of seminars on Aperture, which is a very cool piece of software. We shared a drink with Rob Haggart of aphotoeditor, who lives nearby in Durango. We caught up with Charlie Borland, who was leading a seminar on “Setting Up Your Own Outdoor and Nature Photography Business.” And we saw the great George Lepp talk about panoramics and how he approaches them. If you ever get a chance to see his gigapan of Mount Rushmore, you’ll be in awe.

Hope to see you there next year!

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