Getting Into Portfolio Mode – Examples of Cool Photographer Portfolios

The new “Portfolio” feature was added to PhotoShelter only one week ago, and 837 2130 people have already started using it to display their best images. This option, when activated, places a “Portfolio” link in the navigation of a PhotoShelter website, and displays images almost as if you were looking through a book.

Next and Back arrows appear on the right and left sides of the image, which allow you to flip quickly and smoothly through the photos within the portfolio – without all the information than might surround a photo that’s meant to be sold as a print or as stock.

The best part of this, in my opinion, is that there is no Flash involved. The smooth animation of images moving left and right doesn’t require a web browser plugin or any lengthy “loading” messages. And it looks (and works) great on an iPad, too.

Here are some of the cool portfolios that caught my eye today. These are great examples of what you can do with the new Portfolio feature.

Cy Cyr


Theme: Maui
Style: Glow

Jakub Zdechovan


Theme: Mars
Style: Swiss

Markel Redondo


Portfolio:“City Power-Urbanization in China”
Theme: Nolita
Style: White Shadow

Antonio M. Rosario


Portfolio:“Portraits of Bonsai”
Theme: Chill
Style: Charcoal (Classic)

Adam Schallau


Portfolio:“Grand Canyon”
Theme: Manual Mode

Ed Mulholland


Theme: Maui
Style: Default

Brad Mangin


Portfolio:“Tim Lincecum”
Theme: Manual Mode
Style: Graph Paper Press / Monochrome

Keith Bedford


Portfolio:“Kenyatta Burn Ward”
Theme: Nolita
Style: Default

Steve Simonsen


Portfolio:“Fine Art Prints”
Theme: Maui
Style: Default

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