10 Examples of Graffiti or Street Art as a Photographic Element

What’s the difference between “street art” and “graffiti”?

I often enjoy the added element of a little graffiti to a photograph. Especially if the photographer brings their own point of view, or captures a moment within the frame. It blends one artist’s work with another, and when combined, often makes an interesting statement.

It’s that random collaboration between artists that adds a fun dimension.

I dug deep into the PhotoShelter community to come up with these cool examples of photography — each containing graffiti/street art as an element.

Genève, le by Jean-Patrick Di Silvestro.

Sofia Bulgaria by Andrew Hillard.

London street art by “Banksy’ by John Prior.

Obama Inauguration by Matt Lutton.

Telephones & Robbers by Adam Wiseman.

Rod Blagojevich Graffiti by Gerald Tang.

Streets of Istanbul (w/cat) by Ilker Gurer.

Phare by Jean Revillard.

Williamsburg Brooklyn by Adam Wiseman.

Rahm Emanuel in the doghouse by William Rice.

If you’ve spotted (or shot) any cool images that contain graffiti or street art, please share them by posting a link below!

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  1. Bernal Revert at 9:57 am

    Cool pictures! As part of a project about asylum seekers in Brussels, I made this shot. The graffiti says “solidarity for undocumented immigrants”. And this second one is half funny, half scary tree that I found during a walk.

  2. http://openid.marjoleinkatsma.com/marjoleink at 11:10 am

    Since on my recent trip to South India I made walls my major photographic theme, it’s almost unavoidable I ran into graffiti as well. You’ll find several examples in my (still small) gallery “Walls of South India”: http://marjoleink.photoshelter.com/gallery/Walls-of-South-India/G0000P7XbqGlByo0/ Possibly my favorite (for now at least) is “Sorry”: http://marjoleink.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Walls-of-South-India/G0000P7XbqGlByo0/I0000FnPvHIt51gU (I’m not posting a lot yet since I’m mainly concentrating on the design of my site – more will follow when the design is a bit more stable!)

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