Video: Put More Business in Your Photo Business

PhotoShelter CEO (and serial entrepreneur) Allen Murabayashi recently gave an online presentation during the (December) 2010 PDN Virtual Trade Show, called “Put More Business in Your Photo Business.”

The presentation, which was recorded and is now presented here, addresses many key issues that a photographer must address if they expect their business to thrive. Using some of his own real-world examples, Allen shares information that should take the “mystery” out of business and marketing for photographers.

Topics include:

    • Identifying a true market opportunity
    • Managing change in the industry
    • Business scalability and return-on-investment
    • Budgeting and the cost of doing business
    • Creating a marketing plan
    • Tried and true marketing techniques
    • Converting website visitors into customers
    • The use of coupons and incentives
    • Pricing strategies
    • Engaging your audience

The presentation is 43 minutes long, and will teach you how to creating a financial forecast and a marketing plan to support growth within that forecast,
how to make sure the your website is built for your audience, not just for you, and how to use known techniques for driving growth to your photo business.

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  1. Mike Wilson at 1:17 pm

    This is amazing. I’ve been wanting to transition to “the next level” for a while now but I’ve never been good at business. This is a great start for me and I’m excited to try some of these!

  2. Julien Dorol at 11:28 am

    Great Allen, What I really love about PS, it’s that it’s not just about selling you a tool. It’s about making you able to do great stuff with this tool. Thanks a lot for that. PS : Good to know a little bit more about who’s behind the stuff I spent all that time on. I love when you turn the kettle off 😉

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