10 Great Photos of Tire Tracks

Looking at images of tire tracks always makes me wonder where people were going, what was on their mind as they drove, and who was riding along with them when the tracks were made. I like the patterns they create, and the stories they tell as you follow them.

From within the PhotoShelter community, I found many images that contain tire tracks as an essential element. Here are a few of my favorites…

Tire Tracks in a Field #1 by Bernard Jaubert.

Tire Tracks in a Field #2 by BERNARD JAUBERT.

Tire Tracks Close-up by James Bourret.

Off-road Vehicle by Anatol Kotte/goZOOMA.

Tire tracks on hillside by Bob Ludwig.

Tire tracks, Utah by Chris Case.

Eastbound Lane of Interstate-90 by Jerome A. Pollos.

Tire patterns in fresh fallen frozen snow by Andy Caulfield.

Snow Art by Thomas Barrat.

SANDDUMP by Gordon M. Grant.

If you’ve spotted (or shot) any cool photos relating to tire tracks, please share them by posting a link below!

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