PhotoShelter Staff Shooting the Snowstorm

The PhotoShelter office is located in New York City, which was slammed hard with a snowstorm over night, last night. Today, as members of the PhotoShelter staff made their way to work (some made it, some turned around and went home) they took some pictures to document the day.

Here are some of the images made by staff members today…


Union Square Park, by Chris Owyoung

A View from the PhotoShelter Office Window, by Marc Yun

Good Luck Getting Out, by Peter Balderston

A Tree in the NJ Suburbs, by Andrew Fingerman

Partly Slushy, by Caroline Sellke


Union Square West, by John Grandefeld

And, sorry, I couldn’t resist this one…

A View of the East Coast Snowstorm from my Mexico City Rooftop, by Grover Sanschagrin

Be careful out there, folks!

What was your view of the day? Link to your photos below.

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