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This week we’re shouting about some new certified experts, some rap music, a video interview from Miami, some moonlight main-light, and a great series of photo tours to keep your eyes on.

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The list of PhotoShelter Certified Consultants has doubled! Steve Fox and Alexandru Vita join David Brabyn and Mike Cavaroc as independent PhotoShelter experts capable of working their magic for you.

Steve Fox is a London-based web developer who specializes in web design for photographers. His clients include Gavin Gough, Kelvin Brown, and Izmostock Stock Photos.

Alexandru Vita is a web designer and photographer based in Romania with a very clean and effective style. One recent client is the PhotoShelter-powered stock images website for Tikiwaka.

If you want to trick out your PhotoShelter website to the max, but don’t have the time or know-how – get in touch with them!

Miami-based photographer Andrew Kaufman was recently interviewed by The Beach Channel, a Miami-based arts television channel.

Andrew Kauffman Proof from TBC Production Treatments on Vimeo.


Laith Al-Majali
is a Jordan-based photographer working on a long-term project that focuses on the rise of Hip-Hop in the Arab world.

“Since the Arab world is all up in revolutions these days,” he said, “Hip-Hop in that side of the world has been getting a lot of attention worldwide.”

MC Amin, Egypt’s most promising rapper has a big following. Cairo, Egypt.

He sent me a link to a gallery of images that contain some of the images from the project he’s been shooting for the past 3 years.

Majali is a photographer, film producer, and editor. His documentary work on Arab hip-hop will soon be released in a book.


Jaak Nilson
, a “Jaak-of-all-trades” (sorry, couldn’t resist), is a Baltic State Estonia-based photographer. Nilson specializes in stock, travel, wedding, event, assignment & lifestyle photography.

But check this out – a photo he shot lit entirely by the light of the moon – which looks like daylight.

“I shot this photo from my home window last night,” he said. “Moonlight was extremely bright. Temperature was -25 C (-13F). Of course the real light situation was a bit darker. A shadow of my house roof is a visible too in right corner. Looks like daylight with harsh shadows.”

Pretty amazing. I wonder how long that exposure was.



If you’re not already familiar with the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers, you should take the time to check them out. PhotoShelter members Matt Brandon, Gavin Gough, and Ami Vitale are guild members – and you can be too.

They are “visual communicators devoted to peacemaking and breaking down stereotypes by displaying the beauty and dignity of various cultures around the world.”

The organization’s website has a lot of great things going on, with the ability to plug into a great community of talented photojournalists who share important photo stories from around the world.

They also offer high-quality photo tours that sell out quickly. (Photo tours in April to Liguria, Tuscany, Venice are already sold out.)

Upcoming tours (still available as of this writing) in May are to Trabzon, Turkey (May 14-20, 2011), and SanliUrfa, Turkey (May 21-27, 2011), and are led by highly respected guild members Matt Brandon and Matt Powell.

These tours are sponsored by F-Stop Gear, and there are only 8 spots available for each week-long tour. Obviously, if you’re interested, don’t delay!

I am always looking for things to include here in our Friday Shout-Outs – so if you have anything you think is worthy, let me know. One great way to do that is to post a note to Twitter with my name in it (@heygrover), and that way I won’t forget it later. Don’t have Twitter? Email me: grover-at-photoshelter-dot-com.

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