How to Add Great Fonts to Your PhotoShelter Website

Photographer David Coleman maintains a blog with “Tips & Tricks for the Traveling Photographer.” A recent post is especially helpful to any photographer looking to add really nice fonts to their website.


Coleman, a freelance travel photographer based in Washington DC, uses PhotoShelter to sell prints and license stock photos. His blog and his PhotoShelter website are beautifully designed, and seamlessly integrated. One of the most elegant components to his design is the use of non-traditional fonts, which he uses throughout his website, including headlines and in the site’s navigation.

He is using the web font service Typekit, a subscription-based service that currently has 547 different high-quality fonts to choose from. Plans range from a free account, to $99/year for high capacity websites. The busier your website, the larger the plan you’ll need. The fonts come from Typekit’s servers – hundreds of them spread around the world. To add them to your site, you need to add a line of code to your pages.

Coleman’s blog post, “Using Typekit Fonts with Photoshelter“, explains in detail how he was able to add Typekit fonts to his PhotoShelter website, and even shows how to avoid “the dreaded FOUT”, or “Flash of Un-styled Text.”

“It’s that lag that sometimes happens when the standard web-safe fonts load first and then noticeably shift to the Typekit fonts,” he writes.

Thanks, David. This is extremely helpful.

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