How to Sell Prints – A new, free guide from PhotoShelter

How to Sell Prints – A new, free guide from PhotoShelter

In the new movie “Limitless,” Bradley Cooper takes a pill which turns him from a good looking, disheveled underachiever into a really good looking dude with seemingly endless talent and ability. Wouldn’t it be great if a pill existed that would suddenly turn your photo business on its head, and generate thousands of dollars?


Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. Making money in photography is challenging like any small business. But gaining traction and building a business isn’t voodoo either. There are many tried and true marketing, pricing and fulfillment techniques that can help increase your business while streamlining your processes.


Our new guide is aimed at people who want to sell photos. Entitled “How to Sell Prints,” it’s a free 44-page guide that will walk you through different aspects of selling prints from product selection to pricing to fulfillment. Reading it won’t turn you into Bradley Cooper, but it will give you some solid advice for getting started, and optimizing your current print sales operation.

Enabling print sales from your website also gives you a great way to turn passive visitors into active buyers. How many times have you browsed the web, and thought, “man, if this image was for sale, I’d definitely buy a copy.” Passive buying occurs all the time on the web, but it can’t happen if you don’t enable sales.

Thanks to AdoramaPix for co-sponsoring the guide and to Richard Jackson (Hance Partners/Image Craft) and Mark Joste (Spectrum Photographic) for their valuable contributions. ‘Nuff of my rambling, get your guide now!

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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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  1. olli at 1:32 am

    Hi folks. I’ve only recently discovered this blog and just want to take a moment to say thanks for all the great content and this and your other guides. I’ve downloaded them all and they are excellent. I will confess to being on smugmug but, who knows, if I follow your advice and actually start making some money I might make it over to photoshelter eventually.

  2. Harald Johnson at 7:53 pm

    Yo PhotoShelter! Very informative PDF “How to Sell Prints”. Lots of good ideas and motivations for the “poor step child of photography” — photo printing. Printing is still a big business (just ask companies like HP, Epson, and Canon), and there’s no reason photographers can’t maximize its opportunities. One small quibble: on page 26, you state “There are no industry standards for testing inks and papers, so despite manufacturer claims of archival inks and papers lasting 100 years, there’s no empirical evidence to back it up.” While it’s true that there still are no universally accepted testing standards, there is lots of empirical evidence about print permanence. Just visit the two main sites that cover this: Wilhelm Imaging Research and Aardenburg-Imaging. Happy printing! Harald Johnson author, “Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition” digital imaging and printing consultant

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