Behind the Scenes: The Threadless Photo Department


Photo by Sean Dorgan/Threadless

I recently paid a visit to Threadless, community-based t-shirt design company in Chicago. They are unique because artists submit designs, the community rates those designs, and each week they release new t-shirts, based on those ratings. Photography plays an important role in their website, and because of this, they employ a different approach to product photography.

In a rare opportunity, they allowed me (and my cameras) special behind-the-scenes access to their entire operation, including their always-innovating creative department. I interviewed creative director Sean Donohue, and staff photographer Sean Dorgan, and showed their photography operation from start to finish.

Watch the video:

(Also, camera geeks will love the fun/clever photography t-shirts for sale on their site.)

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  1. Marj at 4:36 pm

    That’s really cool! I have a couple of t-shirts from Threadless and the way they present the t-shirts definitely made the product look cooler than regular photos would’ve done!

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