Be creative, be on time… and don’t give headaches

Be creative, be on time… and don’t give headaches

Words of wisdom from a few members of the PhotoShelter community

We consider ourselves lucky to be part of such an awesome photographer community here at PhotoShelter. Our members are constantly inspiring us, not just with the depth and quality of their work, but with the innovative ways they’re building successful photo businesses. Whether they’ve been in the industry for years or are just starting out, our members have a ton of industry insight and advice to share.
So we thought we’d spend some time talking with photographers to compile a series of profiles that illustrate the blood, sweat, and savvy that goes into building a strong photography career. Along the way our gracious narrators have shared personal anecdotes, insider equipment tips, and some secrets to finding photography success that even surprised us.
Here are highlights from the most recent profiles we’ve added to our growing library. Click through to our photographer profile page to read the full pieces. Our members truly are our greatest asset and we hope you’ll learn as much from them as we do every day. We’ll definitely be releasing more of these regularly.

Martin Bailey
Our first profiled photographer, Martin Bailey, just embarked on a month long photography expedition that will be making stops in Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, and the Patagonian coast.  Along with his co-host David Burren, Martin is guiding 27 photographers on a once in lifetime trip devoted exclusively to photographing the Antarctic’s pristine nature and wildlife.  In addition to providing the participants with an opportunity to photograph some of the more remote parts of the world, Martin and David are giving lectures and providing hands-on training on everything from selecting the white balances and exposures that will most accurately render the brilliant colors of the Antarctic, to final image processing in Lightroom.


photo by Martin Bailey

This is the sort of work Martin does best.  Whether it be through podcasts, forums, or workshops, Martin eagerly shares everything he knows about the art and business of photography to anyone willing to listen. “I’m under no delusions that I’m necessarily better from others,” he says, “but I’m unique. As is everyone else, so why protect our knowledge?  Only we can do the things that we do.”
Find out what role PhotoShelter plays in Martin’s not-so-secret recipe for success.

Keith Bedford
Just as Martin Bailey was departing his home in Tokyo for his expedition, photojournalist Keith Bedford was arriving to document Japan’s mounting nuclear and humanitarian crisis firsthand.  Keith’s most recent blog post touches on the emotionally draining and logistically challenging experience of covering the aftermath of natural disasters like last month’s tsunami.  He reports being heartened by the resilience of the people he’s encountered, like that of the mayor he recently met who had “lost his wife, yet has barely slept since the tsunami trying to hold his town together.”


photo by Keith Bedford

Keith has hopped from China to India to Afghanistan and Haiti in the past year, covering the stories that matter most to him.  Read on to learn how PhotoShelter helps him remain accessible when he’s so far from home.

Ed Mulholland

If sports photographer Ed Mulholland had not decided to send a few photos “on a goof” to boxing trade magazine FightNews nearly one decade ago, he might still be working in the healthcare industry.  Fortunately for HBO,, and the countless other fans of his work, Ed did take what felt at the time like a shot in the dark, and wound up covering a boxing match in Reading, PA two weeks later. “My beginning was a lot of luck,” Ed admits, “but I’ve worked incredibly hard since.”


photo by Ed Mulholland

Ed is currently working on a project for on UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie “The Answer” Edgar.  Ed was impressed by the way Edgar rallied after a near knockout in the first round of a recent bout with rival Gray Maynard, the only man who has ever defeated him in the ring.  That match ended as a draw, and the two are facing off again in May at UFC 13.   “On only one other occasion had I seen a fighter that bad off respond like Edgar had, so it got me thinking how it was possible?” Ed aims to find the answer to that question by documenting how he prepares for the rematch, both in the ring and at home.

You can read more on how Ed plans to deliver images from the match to in real-time through his PhotoShelter account.

Martin Vargas
Martin Vargas is the head of 33PHOTO, a visual communications company that works with some of Mexico’s largest corporations.  His team is currently knee-deep in annual report season.  Lest that bring to mind visions of sterile office buildings, it should be noted that 33PHOTO’s clients range from insurance firms to chemical plants.  Their assignments often bring them beyond the boardroom, into unpredictable and sometimes dangerous environments – like mine shafts and chaotic construction sites.  Experience has taught the 33PHOTO team to prepare for anything, so long hours, inhospitable conditions, and panicky clients don’t faze the them.  In Martin’s own words:

What is expected from me?  From us?  Well, everything! I’ve been a psychologist, counseling a frustrated project manager, a fixer, heck I’ve even made breakfast!  At the end of the day the client wants results; be creative, be on time, deliver on time, solve problems, and don’t give headaches.

Learn how Martin uses PhotoShelter to prevent client headaches.


photo by Martin Vargas

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