Tell a Photo Student: Rather Intense Webinar Alert

We have a brand new webinar coming up this Friday, April 8th, from 1 – 2:30pm ET. If you know a current photo student, emerging photographer, or photo educator, please share the details with them.

A while back, Grover wrote a very popular blogpost “The Top 11 Things Photographers Wish They Learned In Photo School“. This opened up a new project for us – we’ve been working with MAC-on-Campus to run a series of webinars geared toward photo students, to dig deep into these 11 things. This Friday, Grover will deliver the 2nd session, called “Inspiration: The Pro’s Secrets to Finding & Keeping It.”


Now, inspiration can be a pretty touchy feely topic. Can you teach inspiration? I would normally argue “no.” But leave it to Grover to dispel naysayers like me. He went out and gathered a group of outstanding photographers who personally inspire him, took hours of powerful interviews, and boils down their insights into a rock solid presentation (with audio clips from each interview).

For example:
Corey Rich talks about why you should follow your passion
Tim Mantoani talks about personal projects and why they’re critical to a thriving career
Scott Strazzante talks about creating a motivation generating routine and how to arm yourself with “inspiration tools”
Ami Vitale talks about finding new ideas and subjects, and how to learn to pitch those ideas correctly, plus learning to trust that little voice inside your head
Casey Templeton talks about thinking bold and new for your self promotion
Robert Seale talks about managing change throughout your career          
Brian Peterson talks about avoiding burnout
Michael Schwarz talks about finding balance in your life and how it helps you professionally

For students and up-and-coming photographers, my personal opinion is that this webinar should not be missed. It’s the type of presentation you take notes on and keep them with you throughout your career. We’ll have the video available next week as well, for everyone else to take a peek.   

Join us!

Students can always check out more valuable articles on the PhotoShelter student page and sign up for our student newsletter, which we update constantly.

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